The S/T RatRod Doubleneck

The body is 3 piece solid alder (mass tone!) in a beautifully worn black finish. The S side of the body is outfitted with three single coils and a hardtail bridge. The T side has the tradition bridge with single and a humbucker in the neck.

The necks are maple with rosewood with a vintaged finish that is worn in all of the right areas. The necks are licensed by Fender and the face of the headstock were left blank. You can add anything you would like, or just leave them blank. The back of the heads were signed by Scott himself.

The controls are pretty wild. There is a 3 way toggle to choose necks. The bottom 2 knobs are a master volume and tone and the top 2 are 5 way rotary selectors (one for each neck) to make the pickup selections.